Food Trends: New Opportunities for Manufacturers and Consumers

From the International Sweetener Symposium:NAPA, Calif.—An ever-evolving food marketplace, driven by consumer demand and tastes, is creating new opportunities and challenges for food manufacturers, according to a panel of experts at the 30th International Sweetener Symposium.

“An overwhelming majority of Americans are receptive to positive messages about a healthful diet,” said Marianne Smith Edge, senior VP, nutrition & food safety, the International Food Information Council (IFIC). “But their willingness to believe food and health information is most influenced by their own research, as well as advice from friends and family before a qualified health professional.”

Momentum Building for ‘Zero-for-Zero’ Sugar Policy

Legislation introduced by Congressman Ted Yoho (R-FL) to end global sugar subsidies in favor of a free market has picked up key endorsements in recent weeks, including many conservative organizations and numerous lawmakers.

Yoho’s bill would instruct the administration to target the foreign sugar subsidies that are distorting world prices. Once foreign subsidies are eradicated, U.S. sugar policy would be eliminated.

Weakened Sugar Policy Would Have Profound Impact on Sugar Jobs, Little Impact on Food Company Employment

When both chambers of the United States Congress voted this summer to continue U.S. sugar policy, it was a big victory for the 142,000 jobs supported by the sugar industry, according to University of Maryland Professor Alexander Triantis. “A weakened sugar policy would have a profound effect on sugar related jobs,” he said today at the 30th International Sweetener Symposium. “But I’ve found no evidence that sugar price affects jobs in the sugar-using industry.”