ITC: Suspension Agreements Remove the Injury Caused by Unfairly Traded Mexican Sugar

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WASHINGTON—The U.S. International Trade Commission (ITC) today upheld the agreements between the U.S. and Mexican governments to stop subsidized Mexican sugar from being dumped onto the U.S. market. The ITC was asked to determine whether the governments’ settlement adequately removed the injury caused by unfairly traded Mexican sugar.

India Responds to Subsidy Critics with More Subsidies

The global sugar community chastised India when it announced export subsidies last year that seem to be in clear violation of WTO rules. Those subsidies, which were set at $53 a ton in February and increased to $54 a ton later in the year, helped the country offload 2.8 million tons onto the already depressed global market in 2014.

India responded to the international criticism by upping the subsidy to $64 a ton in 2015.

Sugar Producers Back Zero-for-Zero Policy Reintroduction

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WASHINGTON-Congressman Ted Yoho (R-FL) reintroduced his Zero-for-Zero sugar policy, on Friday, which would instruct the administration to target the foreign sugar subsidies that are distorting world prices and keeping a free market from forming. Under the plan, U.S. sugar policy would also be rolled back in exchange for the elimination of foreign programs.

Members of the American Sugar Alliance (ASA) praised Yoho and the eight original co-sponsors of H.Con.Res. 20, and said sugar farmers from across the country are in town this week to educate lawmakers about the current U.S. policy and to encourage support for the resolution.