Sugar Producers Defend Free Markets on Chinese News Show

It’s not every day when the American affiliate of the predominant television broadcaster in Mainland China calls for an interview. And it’s even more rare when the topic the state-run network wants to discuss is how government intervention is wrecking global markets. But that is exactly what happened last week when Jack Roney of the American Sugar Alliance was invited to the set of CCTV America, the U.S. division of China Central Television News.

Big Candy Details Dominance in Chicago

It’s not often when confectioners openly admit the success of their industry. After all, doing so cuts against the tales they spin on Capitol Hill of sugar policy causing economic hardship. But as the American Sugar Alliance’s compilation of good candy news demonstrates, Big Candy’s business has been firing on all cylinders since the most…

Brazil Should Take the Next Step to Zero-for-Zero Sugar Policy

For two years, U.S. sugar producers have pushed for a multilateral solution to the global sugar subsidies that have wrecked the global market.

Under this plan, known as the Zero-for-Zero sugar policy, sugar producers around the world would eliminate sugar subsidies and market-distorting policies so that a free market can form. And the World Trade Organization (WTO) is the logical venue for such reforms to be accomplished.