U.S. Sugar Producers Comment on Nairobi WTO Ministerial Meeting

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – December 22, 2015 CONTACT: Phillip Hayes, 202-271-5734 (cell) WASHINGTON—The American Sugar Alliance issued the following statement about the results of the 10th World Trade Organization (WTO) Ministerial Conference in Nairobi, Kenya: “We commend our Nairobi negotiating team for their hard work in securing an agreement that will bring a definitive end to…

Major Sugar Exporters Seek Global Subsidy Reform, U.S. Critics Fixate On Unilateral Disarmament

In an amazing twist, some of the world’s biggest sugar subsidizers signaled a desire to start a conversation about rolling back global subsidies to help make the market freer and fairer.

Sounds promising, except for the fact that a couple of vocal U.S. politicians were simultaneously signaling their desire to simply end U.S. sugar policy and reward subsidizers with more U.S. market share, thus foregoing any chance of worldwide reform.

Stakes On The Global Stage Are High. So Let’s Focus On…Sugar?

The President of the United States is in Europe discussing a global climate accord, which will hold economic and political ramifications for generations to come. Foreign allies are debating enhanced military involvement in the war on terror. Violence has gripped many U.S. cities. Racial tensions are flaring. A leading measure of U.S. manufacturing just fell to its lowest level since the recession, and overall business investment is slumping, dragging down the economy.

And at least two DC figures – Republican Congressman Joe Pitts and Grover Norquist – are screaming at the tops of their lungs this week that Congress must drop everything and focus on one key issue immediately: U.S. sugar policy.