The European Union Sugar Industry at World Market Prices

After more than half a century as a highly regulated sugar policy, with minimum prices and domestic sales’ quotas, the European Union’s Sugar Regime was liberalized from October 1, 2017. From then on, producers would freely decide how much to supply, a large amount of duty-free imports were available and prices were to be determined by supply and demand. “Market forces” would rule. Click here for the full report.

Sugar Farmers and Farm Bill 2018

Executive Vice President of the Florida, Texas and Hawaii Sugarcane Growers Ryan Weston sat down with The Washington Examiner to discuss the upcoming Farm Bill: “Farmers are facing a 50% decline in income over the past 4 years with farm income at a 12-year low. When you are trying to do long-term business planning, you need that continuity.”

An Examination of Foreign Subsidies and Trade Policies For Sugar

The International Center for Agricultural Competitiveness (ICAC) at Texas Tech hosts and maintains a database of subsidies and trade policy information for public use. The report summarizes the information obtained and housed in the database relating to sugar in key producing, consuming, exporting, and importing countries. Click here for the full report.