Fueled by a reliable supply of affordable, high-quality, homegrown sugar, candy companies are expanding here in the U.S., setting new sales records, and enjoying impressive profits.

Unfortunately, Big Candy lobbyists rarely share the good news with lawmakers and instead cry poor in their attempt to outsource America’s sugar production.

Big Candy’s Big News

More Money Into the Supply Chain
“Mars Chocolate North America announced Thursday a $70 million reinvestment in its U.S. supply chain… This latest investment will add approximately 250 new jobs to sites across the country.”

Millions for New Equipment
“The announcement this week that the Hershey Chocolate Company plant in Stuarts Draft [Va.] will add 69 new jobs and spend millions on new equipment bodes well for the future of the plant, officials say.”

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Is Big Candy expanding in your town?

Apple Valley, WI
“Abdallah Candies invests $14m in new Minn. Facility.”

Erlanger, KY
“The Mentos maker Perfetti van Melle USA will expand its manufacturing plant near Erlanger, Kentucky, with an $11m investment, adding 70 new full-time jobs to the state.”

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Big Candy Quotes

Candy makers’ own trade association has boasted about the industry’s financial performance since the current sugar policy was passed in 2008.

“In 2013, business was big, growing and profitable.”
National Confectioners Association Vice President Larry Wilson, March 20, 2014

“Not only is confectionery a large product category… it is a high profit category.”
National Confectioners Association, January 2008

“Despite a shaky economy for the past two and half years, sales continue to increase an average of 3% per year, with a nearly 4% gain this past year.”
National Confectioners Association, March 2011

The confectionery industry has seen 10 straight years of growth despite troubled economic times.
National Confectioners Association, March 2014

“The retail profit margin is approximately 35% for the confectionery category.”
National Confectioners Association, May 2009

“So many people and so many companies still are entering into this [U.S. candy] business… A lot of people think that it’s oil and energy that drives this economy, but it’s candy, it’s chocolate that’s doing well in this economy.”
National Confectioners Association President Larry Graham, November 25, 2011

“This is an industry positioned for growth and opportunity, and we are creating American products with American workers in cities and towns throughout America.”
National Confectioners Association President John Downs, September 17, 2015

“Confectionery [is] seen as a recession resistant category.”
National Confectioners Association, February 2010

“Confectionery retail sales have grown steadily since 2007, increasing from $27.4 billion to $32.1 billion in 2011.”
National Confectioners Association, May 2012