Have a Sweet Valentine’s Day

Five Reasons to Love American-Made Sugar


For us, protecting the air, land, and water is a personal mission to maintain our family farms, generation after generation. We’ve invested in new research, technologies, and techniques that boost efficiency and protect the planet. We grow 13 percent more sugar on 8 percent less land than two decades ago; yields are up 22 percent per acre while using less water, less energy, and fewer agricultural chemicals.

Made for U

Our more than 151,000 skilled workers, including 11,000+ family farmers, only focus on serving the needs of U.S. consumers and businesses. Thanks to sensible sugar policy, our sugar-producing families maintain local and regional supply chains, so you have American-made sugar when you need it.

Great Quality at a Fair Value

U.S. sugar producers are efficient and have some of the highest standards for labor and sustainability. Unlike foreign governments, the U.S. doesn’t subsidize, encourage overproduction, or send artificially depressed priced sugar onto the world market, in some cases violating trade law.


Since current sugar policy was first passed by Congress in 2008, U.S. candy makers have increased both production and profit. Even amid rising inflation, consumers’ real cost for sugar is lower than a decade ago. It’s so affordable, restaurants can give it away for free. Sugar in your coffee? Whenever you need it, we got it.


Sugarbeets and sugarcane are grown in a dozen geographically-diverse states. Our local and regional supply chains are strategically located in more than two dozen states. Over 90 domestic sugar factories, mills, refineries, and storage facilities ensure timely delivery of this essential ingredient to sugar-using businesses and grocery stores across the country.

So don’t go breaking farmers’ hearts – support American sugar producers who sweeten every day.