This report examined 2014 retail sugar prices in 23 countries, plus Hong Kong. The list of countries includes primarily developed countries (as defined by membership in the OECD) as well as five non-OECD countries: Brazil, China, India, Russia and Thailand.

The list of countries included in this study account for 67% of sugar consumption globally.

The average retail price for refined sugar in 2014 across all 24 countries/regions was $0.71/lb, and ranges from $0.38 in Thailand to $1.33 in Hong Kong.

Among developed countries, the average price per pound is $0.76 compared to $0.51 in selected developing countries.

In 2011, four OECD countries had a lower price compared to the U.S. – Netherlands, Czech Republic, Mexico and Poland. However, in 2014 Netherlands and Czech Republic surpassed the U.S., so now only Mexico and Poland present a lower average retail sugar price than the U.S. The developed-country average retail sugar price is 29% higher than the U.S. price and the 24 selected countries average is 20% higher. The selected developing-country average retail price is just 13% lower than the U.S. price.