Sugar Policy Supports American Farm Families
and Keeps Blue Collar Jobs in the U.S.

Sugar producers recently testified before Congress on the importance of maintaining a strong sugar policy in the next Farm Bill. Lawmakers on both sides of the aisle and both chambers stated their support for American farmers – including sugar producers.

Sugar policy supports American farm families.

“We are real farmers, real farms, real jobs. Real communities depend on us… All Americans are in the same boat of needing a safe and affordable food supply to keep us a free nation. If we become dependent on the foreign supply chain, we will cease to be a free nation.”

– Ardis Hammock, sugarcane farmer from Florida, told the House Agriculture Committee at the April 21st listening session in Florida.

This sentiment was echoed during the April 26th House Subcommittee hearing:

“Our U.S. sugar industry is all family owned – so are we going to support foreign families or American farm families?”

– House Agriculture Committee Chairman GT Thompson

Sugar policy benefits American consumers and food security.

“Sugar was readily available on grocery store shelves throughout the pandemic. That success is attributable to U.S. sugar policy and the heroic efforts of our farmers and factory workers.”

– Patrick Frischhertz, sugarcane farmer from Louisiana, at the April 26th House Agriculture Committee Subcommittee hearing.

Sugar policy grows the American economy.

“There are so few economic engines in our rural communities, but in my home state of Minnesota the sugarbeet industry provides almost 21,000 jobs and has a $3.06 billion dollar economic impact.”

– Neil Rockstad, sugarbeet farmer from Minnesota, at the May 2nd Senate Agriculture Committee Subcommittee hearing.

In the U.S., the sugar industry generates more than 151,000 jobs across two dozen states and contributes more than $23 billion annually to the U.S. economy.

As Senator Tina Smith reminded everyone, farmers are “the center of our economy, our food system, and our national security.”

Our sugarbeet and sugarcane producers are proud to be a part of that.