What Is the American Sugar Alliance?

The American Sugar Alliance is a national coalition of sugarcane and sugar beet producers, including sugar farmers, sugar processors, sugar refiners, sugar suppliers, sugar workers and others dedicated to preserving a strong U.S. sugar industry. The American Sugar Alliance works to ensure that sugar farmers and workers in the U.S. sugar industry survive in a world of heavily subsidized sugar. Only through a united effort can these dedicated Americans continue to offer a plentiful, secure and reasonably priced sugar supply. The American Sugar Alliance provides the backing and support to meet this national need.

Members and Executive Committee

The U.S. sugar industry is made up of thousands of sugar beet farmers and sugar cane farmers who produce sugar, as well as thousands of other Americans who work in sugar production and sugar processing and in other businesses, providing goods and services to the U.S. sugar industry. Membership in the American Sugar Alliance ranges from the sugar producers themselves–including sugar farmers all across the country, sugar processors and sugar refiners–to the implement dealers, local banks, community businesses of all types, fertilizer distributors, factory workers producing heavy equipment needed in sugar production, and countless others in services and sugar supply. This great diversity in membership lends tremendous strength to the American Sugar Alliance and the U.S. sugar industry it serves.

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Executive Committee

Luther Markwart

Executive Vice President
American Sugarbeet Growers Association

Cassie Bladow

President & CEO
U.S. Beet Sugar Association

Jack Pettus

Vice President of Government Relations
American Sugar Cane League

Ryan Weston

Chief Executive Officer,
Florida Sugar Cane League

Washington Representative
Rio Grande Valley Sugar Growers


Vickie Rideout Myers

Executive Director
[email protected]

Jack Roney

Director of Economics and Policy Analysis
[email protected]

Dr. Robert Johansson

Associate Director of Economics and Policy Analysis
[email protected]

Dan Colacicco

ASA Economic Advisor
[email protected]

Laura Gouge

Special Projects Coordinator
[email protected]

Brian Grunenfelder

Trade Advisor
[email protected]

Elizabeth Fusick

ASA Communications Consultant

[email protected]

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