U.S. Sugar Import Concessions as of 2020

Minimum Import Amount





-Metric tons, raw value-

WTO (40 countries, including below) 1,139,195 1,139,195 Uruguay Round commitment (1,117,195 mt raw; 22,000 mt refined)
Mexico1 10,212

Recent Average: 1,004,33


No minimum. Managed access began late in 2014, after unlimited access 2008-2014. Mexico no longer uses its WTO allotment.
Canada 10,300 9,600 19,900 Canada sugar not in the original NAFTA, but has a 10,300-mt refined sugar quota in the WTO. The 9,600 mt was agreed to in USMCA negotiations; USMCA not yet approved.
CAFTA/DR2 311,700 148,500 460,200 Grows, on average, by 3,153 mt/yr years 2-15; by 2,640 mt/yr thereafter; each country subject to net exporter status.
Colombia 25,273 54,500 79,773 Grows by 750 mt/yr forever; subject to net exporter status.
Peru3 43,175 2,000 45,175 Grows by 160 mt/yr forever; subject to net exporter status.
Panama4 30,538 7,360 37,898 Grows by 60mt/yr for 10 years; subject to net exporter status.
Total (WTO + FTA minimums + Mexico actual) 1,139,195 Recent Average: 1,226,293 2,365,488

1 Suspension Agreements signed December 2014, revised June 2017, limit imports from Mexico to U.S. import needs above WTO and FTA quotas. Mexico FTA total is 3-year average (2016/17 -2018/19).

2 CAFTA/DR access for CY 2012; includes 2,000 tons of specialty sugars for Costa Rica. CAFTA countries’ WTO access included in WTO total.

3 Peru FTA access is 11,000 tons, subject to net exporter status (and not yet granted) and 2,000 tons of specialty sugars not subject to net exporter status.

4 Panama FTA specifies 6,060 tons of access must be raw; the remainder raw, refined or products. (CAFTA, Colombia and Peru FTAs do not specify raw or refined.)

Note: TRQs set in the FTAs for CAFTA/DR, Peru, Colombia, and Panama are subject to net-exporter provisions (exports, excluding those to the U.S., minus imports). This requirement may limit access under these TRQs for some of these countries in some years.