U.S. Sugar Import Concessions, 2017: In Place, Proposed, or Being Negotiated


Minimum Import Amount






-Metric tons, raw value-

In Place            
WTO (40 countries, including below)   1,139,195

  1,139,195   Uruguay Round commitment (1,117,195 mt raw; 22,000 mt refined)
NAFTA – Mexico 1     10,212



  Unlimited access began January 1, 2008
CAFTA/DR 2     311,700   138,580   450,280   Grows, on average, by 3,153 mt/yr years 2-15;  by 2,640 mt/yr thereafter
Colombia     25,273   53,000   78,273   Grows by 750 mt/yr forever
Peru 3     43,175   11,000   54,175   Grows by 180 mt/yr forever
Panama 4     30,538   7,000   37,538   Grows by 60mt/yr for 10 years
Trans-Pacific Partnership — U.S. has Withdrawn            
Australia     87,042   65,000   152,042   Plus 23% of raw needs Mexico cannot fulfill
Canada     10,300   9,600   19,900   Plus 20% of refined needs Mexico cannot fulfill


  1,500   1,500    


  500   500    


  100   100    
Being Negotiated            
T-TIP   Talks suspended. Remains to be seen if reopened late this year. Sugar likely to feature as an issue as the EU will have a trade surplus. Sugar has not been seriously discussed.
1 Canada excluded from the sugar provisions of the NAFTA. Suspension Agreements signed in December 2014, but subject to appeal, limit imports from Mexico to U.S. import needs above WTO and FTA quotas.

2 CAFTA/DR access for CY 2012; includes 2,000 tons of specialty sugars for Costa Rica. CAFTA countries’ WTO access included in WTO total.

3 Peru FTA includes 2,000 tons of specialty sugars not subject to net exporter status.

4 Panama FTA specifies 6,060 tons of access must be raw; the remainder raw, refined or products. (CAFTA, Colombia and Peru FTAs do not specify raw or refined.)

Note: CAFTA/DR and Peru FTA net-exporter provisions (exports to world market minus imports from world market) could limit the access of the Dominican Republic some years and Peru in most years. Same provision applies to Colombia and Panama FTAs.