Union Members Tell Congress Sugar Policy Means Good Jobs, Strong Communities

Sugar workers who are members of the International Association of Machinists were recently on Capitol Hill talking about how a strong U.S. sugar policy supports union jobs across the country. We’re proud that much of the sugar made in America is done so by a union workforce.

“U.S. sugar policy provides so much opportunity for people in the rural communities,” said Cornelius Fowler, a truck driver for Florida Crystals with 16 years’ experience on the job. “They have great benefits, great programs that allow individuals that want to further their career.”

America’s sugar workers benefit from good jobs, upward mobility, and the investments that our sugar companies make in workforce development. Many of America’s sugar processing facilities are in areas where jobs are limited, and our sugar workers praised the opportunities that they have been provided by working in sugar.

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“In the sugar industry down in South Florida, we have about 1,200 union members who are thriving and surviving in the community because of the jobs that are being provided.”

Cornelius Fowler, Truck Driver

“Our community, basically, it survives off the sugar industry. We’re a rural area, we’re an agricultural community.”

Terry Crawford, Central Control Room Operator

“If it affects us as workers, it’s going to trickle down to not only management, but also our communities. That could be our sisters, our brothers, our nephews, and nieces… [weakening sugar policy] would hurt us tremendously.”

Jose Medina, Refinery Chemist

“My favorite part [of working in sugar] is telling people what we do, and how we feed America, and our jobs – how important that is.”

Joaquin Almazan, Sugar Labor Management

Supporting a strong U.S. sugar policy means supporting good American jobs.