Experienced USDA FAS Official Joins Sugar Alliance

A long-time veteran of the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA), Casey Bean will join the American Sugar Alliance (ASA) as the organization’s trade consultant on May 1. Bean will work with ASA to analyze the complex global trade issues that impact U.S. sugar farmers and shape America’s no-cost sugar policy.

With more than thirty years of experience working with the USDA’s Foreign Agricultural Service (FAS), Bean’s work at FAS spans multiple regions across the globe including the countries of Bolivia, China, Colombia, Ecuador, Japan, Pakistan, Peru, and Venezuela. He participated in trade negotiations and enforced the rules critical to maintaining a level playing field for U.S. agriculture as a member of the Senior Foreign Service, both while overseas and as a senior director at FAS headquarters.

Most recently, Bean served as Agricultural Counselor with the rank of Agricultural Minister Counselor in the Senior Foreign Service at the U.S. Embassy in Bogota, Colombia. In this capacity, he liaised with USDA and USTR staff, U.S. lawmakers, and other leaders to promote U.S. priorities and strengthen domestic food security in the 7th largest market for U.S. food and beverages.

“We are excited to welcome Casey to the team at this critical juncture for America’s sugar producers and farm policy,” said Cassie Bladow, Chairwoman of ASA. “His expertise, contacts, and on-the-ground trade experience will help our industry navigate new challenges on the world stage while moving the needle forward on our goal of a less distorted and more predictable global sugar market.”

The world sugar market is widely considered to be the most distorted and volatile commodity market in the world, fraught with trade rule violations and billions in foreign subsidies, threatening the sustainability of America’s sugar industry and the livelihoods of more than 151,000 American workers.

Bean will continue the excellent work of seasoned trade negotiator Brian Grunenfelder, who has served the industry since 2019.

“We are immensely grateful for Brian’s expert guidance over the past five years and unwavering commitment to fair trade,” Bladow said. “On behalf of America’s sugarbeet and sugarcane family farmers and factory workers, we are grateful for his dedication to ensuring that U.S. sugar producers can continue to contribute to America’s stable supply chain. We wish him the best in his well-deserved retirement!”