Meet America's Sugar Producers

Celebrate Something Sweet!

Mark your calendars and get ready for a treat, because this week is one to celebrate all things sweet – and the people who make these special days possible! 

Today, October 12 is National Farmer’s Day.  

Friday, October 14 is National Real Sugar Day. 

Saturday, October 15 is National Sweetest Day.  

America’s farmers keep our nation fed. That includes America’s 11,000 sugar farmers! Without the hard work and sacrifices of our sugarbeet and sugarcane farmers, and the dedication and skill of the workers who bring the sugar from the farm to your table, America would not have a stable and reliable supply of made-in-America sugar.  

Our nation relies on farmers like Chris Payne in Oregon… 
And fifth-generation grower Shelby Duplantis in Louisiana…  
And future sugar farmers, too, like Aleigha Robertson in Idaho.  

By growing the sugar crops that keep American food manufacturing lines humming and our pantries stocked, each of our farmers is making an incredible contribution to America.

That’s why this year, people across the country will also be celebrating American sugar farmers during the first annual National Real Sugar Day on Friday, October 14, to honor the people and sugar crops that sweeten our lives.

Of course, there’s no better way to round out a week of celebrations than by sending a sweet treat to show someone you care on National Sweetest Day on Saturday, October 15.

These sweet celebrations are possible due to the dedication of American sugar farmers and workers. The U.S. sugar industry is crucial to a strong food supply chain, our national food security, and to supporting communities across the country with more than 151,000 jobs.

Congress’ continued bipartisan support for a strong and robust U.S. sugar policy ensures that America is not at the whims of unreliable foreign suppliers for an essential food ingredient.

So, this week, don’t forget to celebrate something sweet – and while you’re at it, thank a farmer, too!