Congresswoman Hinson Tells American Sugar Industry: We Must Strengthen the Farm Safety Net  

Washington, D.C. – In a keynote address at the 38th International Sweetener Symposium, Congresswoman Ashley Hinson (R-IA-02) spoke to the importance of the 2023 Farm Bill and strengthening the safety net for all American farmers – including U.S. sugarbeet and sugarcane growers.

Congresswoman Hinson told sugar producers, “Title I provides critical tools that we can use to protect food security and also the health of our rural communities… I am committed to elevating farmers’ priorities and perspectives to craft bipartisan policies.”

Congresswoman Hinson proudly represents the second district in Iowa. She understands agriculture is the heart of the U.S. economy. As a member of the House Committee on Appropriations, Subcommittee on Agriculture, Rural Development, Food and Drug Administration, Representative Hinson advocates for policies that sustain the farm economy and provide farmers with resources they need to keep growing and producing. In Congress, she is highly regarded by her colleagues and is viewed as a common-sense leader, pursuing pro-growth policies, for Iowans and all Americans.

The Iowan emphasized her work to ensure Congress invests in the competitiveness of American producers. One way Rep. Hinson is doing that is by championing precision agriculture and innovation in the PRECISE Act.

“Our sugar producers appreciate the work Congresswoman Hinson is doing to grow the American farm economy for all of us,” said American Sugar Alliance Chairman Ryan Weston. “Our domestic sugar producers support jobs in over two dozen states. Americans across the country – including Iowans – benefit from having a reliable domestic supply chain for sugar.”