USDA Reiterates Support for American Sugar Producers

WASHINGTON D.C. – At the 38th International Sweetener Symposium, U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) Deputy Under Secretary for Farm Production and Conservation (FPAC), Gloria Montaño Greene thanked sugar producers for collaborating on climate smart agriculture while acknowledging the numerous challenges sugar producers face.

Deputy Under Secretary Montaño Greene assured the industry that USDA is “supportive of sugar producers.” USDA is focused on making tough decisions to balance “support for domestic producers with the demands of the sugar market.”

Montaño Greene oversees the USDA’s sugar loan program as well as the disaster relief and risk-management programs critical to American farmers – including sugarbeet and sugarcane producers.

U.S. sugarbeet and sugarcane farmers are navigating increasingly uncertain weather and market conditions. While sugarbeets and sugarcane are resilient, effective risk management tools are essential given the exposure to hurricanes, freezes, and frequent and more intense droughts and excess rainfall.

At the Symposium, the Deputy Under Secretary thanked sugar producers for “the work you do and your engagement with USDA. You’re not afraid of difficult conversations and we appreciate our partnership.”

Montaño Greene thanked the sugar industry for their work on USDA’s Partnerships for Climate Smart Commodities, noting that, “the program benefits from the input of early adopters of climate-smart practices,” including sugar producers. She also noted the opportunities available to the industry in the Inflation Reduction Act and the conservation funds available at Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS).

Moderating the panel, incoming American Sugar Alliance Chairwoman Cassie Bladow thanked USDA and Deputy Under Secretary Montaño Greene for the Department’s support of sugarbeet and sugarcane farmers and workers. “We appreciate USDA’s partnership in ensuring domestic sugar producers have adequate resources – whether that’s loans, disaster relief, or risk management tools. We rely on the talented leadership and experienced staff at FPAC to impartially administer those programs. Thank you Deputy Under Secretary Montaño Greene. Together we can ensure Americans have access to a reliable and affordable supply of sugar.”