Sugar Producers Aren’t Feeling the Love

This Valentine’s Day, Americans will spend an estimated $2.4 billion buying candy treats for their sweet.

American sugar farmers and workers are proud to share the love by producing an affordable supply of homegrown sugar. But it’s heartbreaking that America’s sugar farmers and workers will receive just a small share of those sales.

The American Sugar Alliance is releasing two new social media graphics to highlight the low cost of sugar in popular Valentine’s Day items.

A heart-shaped box of chocolates costs $15.99, but sugar producers receive only $0.09. And they see just $0.06 of the $1.25 price tag for a box of conversation hearts.

Despite their big profits, Big Candy wants to break up with our no-cost sugar policy. It’s clear that Big Candy has nothing to complain about – sugar farmers and workers are receiving just pennies for their hard work.

We hope that Congress will send a valentine to America’s 142,000 sugar farmers and workers by pledging to protect our strong no-cost sugar policy.