USDA Under Secretary: Opportunity for U.S. Agriculture to be Hero on Climate Change

America’s farmers have an opportunity to be “a real hero in our ability to address climate change” through improvements in productivity and climate-smart practices, but a successful climate program “has to work for agriculture.”  That was the message shared by Robert Bonnie, Under Secretary for Farm Production and Conservation (FPAC) for the U.S. Department of […]

Investing in Sugar’s Future

America’s sugar farming families and workers are building a brighter future through investments both in sugar crops and the talent needed to produce this essential ingredient. The grower-owned Minn-Dak Farmers Cooperative in Wahpeton, North Dakota, is committed to producing sugar sustainably. Mike Metzger, Vice President of Agriculture and Research, works alongside his team to give […]

America’s Sweetest Industry Supports 151,000 Jobs, $23 Billion Economic Impact

America’s sugar farming families and workers support more than 151,000 jobs across more than two dozen states and contribute more than $23 billion to the economy each year, according to a new study from the Agricultural and Food Policy Center at Texas A&M University. This study highlights America’s sweetest industry, underscoring the critical importance of maintaining domestic […]

Letter on Alexis Taylor’s Nomination to Under Secretary for Trade and Foreign Agricultural Affairs

The American Sugar Alliance (ASA) sent a letter to U.S. Senate leadership expressing deep support for the nomination of Alexis Taylor to serve as the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s (USDA) Under Secretary for Trade and Foreign Agricultural Affairs. ASA urges the U.S. Senate to swiftly consider and confirm Director Taylor. In our current uncertain global […]

Preparing the Next Generation of Sugar Growers

Sugar farmers grow far more than beets and cane. They are also growing the minds of tomorrow’s sugar producers through programs like the Amalgamated Sugar’s Youth Sugarbeet Grower Program.  Amalgamated Sugar Company, a grower-owned beet sugar cooperative headquartered in Idaho, began its Youth Sugarbeet Grower Program to invest in young farmers and ensure the industry […]

Producing Sugar Sustainably on Earth Day, and Every Day

Earth Day is a day to celebrate our planet and bring awareness to the part that we all play in making the world a more sustainable place.   As stewards of the land, sugar farmers have been investing in a healthier planet for generations. They’re protecting the land that helps feed us and working to pass […]

Dr. Johansson: Sugar Forecasts and the Farm Safety Net

Column authored by Dr. Robert Johansson, Associate Director of Economics and Policy Analysis at the American Sugar Alliance. The vernal equinox, aka spring equinox, came and went Sunday, March 20, marking the end of winter and the beginning of spring. As all good aggies know, that means the economists at the Food and Agricultural Policy […]

Farmers Stand on the Front Lines of Food Security

National Agriculture Day is an annual day to celebrate the American farmer. In America, we spend a smaller proportion of our household income on food than any other developed country. A safe, affordable food supply with amazing variety and unequaled distribution is something to celebrate.     However, as farmers prepare for spring planting this year, the […]

Sugar: A Strong Supply Chain

In early 2020, America faced the beginning of a global pandemic. Historically robust supply chains were tested, forcing ships to wait in line at port and leaving grocery store shelves sparsely stocked. However, our industry kept America reliably supplied with sugar, an essential food ingredient. This was largely due to the strong farm and trade […]

National Farmers Union Supports No-Cost Sugar Policy

One of the nation’s leading advocates for family farmers, ranchers, and rural communities renewed its support for a no-cost U.S. sugar policy that creates a level playing field for sugar producers while ensuring a safe, reliable, and affordable supply of sugar for consumers.  National Farmers Union (NFU), which works on behalf of nearly 200,000 American […]

American Sugar Alliance Testifies on Importance of Farmers, Farm Bill

Dr. Rob Johansson, Director of Economics and Policy Analysis at the American Sugar Alliance (ASA), testified before the House Committee on Agriculture today on the importance of supporting America’s sugar farmers, producers, and sugar supply chain by maintaining a strong U.S. sugar policy in the 2023 Farm Bill. In his written testimony, Johansson outlined the […]

Sugar: America’s Sweetest Industry

America’s sugarbeet and sugarcane growers are gearing up for virtual meetings to share with congressional offices the importance of the no-cost sugar policy that keeps households and food manufacturers supplied with an essential food ingredient – made right here in America. While these sugar growers will be sharing their perspective from the farm, the sugar […]

Former USDA Chief Economist: Sugar Policy Supports Farmers, Food Security

U.S. sugar producers keep America reliably stocked with affordable sugar, thanks to the stability provided by U.S. sugar policy, said Dr. Rob Johansson, Director of Economics and Policy Analysis at the American Sugar Alliance (ASA), in remarks at today’s Agricultural Outlook Forum, hosted by the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA). Johansson, who served at USDA […]

U.S. Sugar Producers Propose WTO Reforms to Improve Transparency, Accountability

The World Trade Organization (WTO) announced earlier this week that trade ministers and negotiators from around the globe will convene the week of June 13 for its 12th Ministerial Conference. In support of these important negotiating efforts, the American Sugar Alliance (ASA) released a new policy statement outlining four recommendations to improve the international trade […]

Statement on the Passing of Congressman Jim Hagedorn

Statement from the American Sugar Alliance on the passing of Congressman Jim Hagedorn: “We are saddened by the loss of Congressman Jim Hagedorn. He cared deeply about Minnesota and America. As part of a multi-generational farm family, Congressman Hagedorn knew intimately the challenges faced by America’s farmers. From his position on the House Agriculture Committee, […]

We ♥ America’s Sugar Producers

As lovebirds around the world are celebrating Valentine’s Day, agricultural economists are gathering today in New Orleans at the Southern Agricultural Economics Association’s (SAEA) annual meeting not far from the old grounds of the Louisiana Sugar and Rice Exchange. One of the papers being presented at SAEA is a new study analyzing the relationship between sugar prices […]

American Farm Bureau Federation Backs No-Cost Sugar Policy

America’s largest farm advocacy group renewed its support of a no-cost sugar policy that creates a level playing field for sugar producers while ensuring a safe, reliable and affordable supply for consumers. The American Farm Bureau Federation (AFBF) issued its policy resolution in support of the U.S. sugar policy at its convention in Atlanta. The […]

Baby oysters, water reductions part of Domino Sugar’s sustainability efforts

From raising baby oysters in Baltimore’s Inner Harbor to cutting water usage at the Yonkers refinery, Domino Sugar is a leader in sustainability. Dr. Daryl Sabourin, ASR Group’s Global Director of Sustainability, is part of the effort to raise baby oysters in Baltimore that eventually help filter water in the Chesapeake Bay. “They’re literally nature’s […]

Domino Sugar invests in a new sign and a new sugar bag as part of sustainability commitment

Domino Sugar recently made big changes to two of its most iconic fixtures as part of the company’s commitment to sustainability. Domino’s iconic sign has been a beacon of pride and prosperity in Baltimore’s Inner Harbor for generations. But at 70 years old, the sign was showing its age. Its old neon bulbs were never […]

WTO Dispute Panel Rules India’s Sugar Subsidies Out-of-Bounds

WASHINGTON – India’s sugar subsidy regime violates its obligations under a multilateral World Trade Organization agreement, according to the international trade body. A WTO dispute panel initiated by Australia, Brazil and Guatemala in early 2019 investigated India’s massive sugar subsidy regime and found it was not compatible with New Delhi’s WTO commitments. The panel released […]

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